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PolyBrowse is a Windows program that was created for people with Cerebral Palsy. It does not require using a keyboard, or interacting with menus, and
no commercials are shown during YouTube videos. The user can move from one video or website to the next by simply clicking anywhere on the screen.

The user's caregiver can create custom Collections, which may include YouTube playlists and videos, and any other websites.

To prevent the user from accidentally exiting or editing settings, the caregiver must click Show Menus, and then press [Enter] within 5 seconds, to display the Menu Options.

Installing PolyBrowse

  1. Click the following link to download the latest version of Edge Beta, which is the most stable version of Edge that contains the latest features.
    This version of Edge is not automatically installed by Windows Update, so you must manually download and install it. This installation only takes a few minutes.
    Download Edge Beta
  2. On the home page, download and extract
  3. Run Poly.exe.

Quick Tour

These instructions will exemplify many of PolyBrowse's features in about 5 minutes:
  1. Perform the installation instructions described in the previous section, and run Poly.exe.
  2. A Preset Collection named Bugs Bunny is automatically loaded, and the first cartoon is played.
  3. Click anywhere on the video to display the next cartoon.
  4. On the menu bar, click Show Menus (or press [Alt + S]), followed by [Enter], to display all the Menu options.
  5. Click Preset Collections, and select Beatles from the dropdown list. The first Beatles video will play. Click anywhere on the screen to see the next video.
  6. Click Stop Playing.
  7. Click Create New Collection, and a popup screen will allow you to Add Entries, which can be YouTube playlists or videos, or any other websites. This is explained in detail below. Click [Cancel] to remove this screen.

Create New Collection

On the menu bar, click Create New Collection to display a popup screen which allows you to select the YouTube playlists and videos, and websites, for a Customized Collection.
  • Collection Name: This is the title that will appear in the dropdown boxes that are displayed by the Your Collections and Edit Collection menu items. These menu items are not displayed until you create at least one Collection.
  • Default Collection: If this box is checked, this Collection will be the first Collection that is loaded when PolyBrowse is run.

Add Entry: To add an Entry to a Collection, complete the following fields and click [Add]:
  • Name: This parameter is only used for your reference, to identify the Entry.
  • Type: An Entry can be one of the following three types:
    1. YouTube Playlist: In the YouTube ID textbox, enter just the characters that are in the ?list= parameter of the YouTube Playlist URL.
      For example, the URL for the Beatles playlist is,
      so you would enter PL0jp-uZ7a4g9FQWW5R_u0pz4yzV4RiOXu in the YouTube ID textbox.
    2. YouTube Video: In the YouTube ID textbox, enter just the characters that are in the ?v= parameter of the YouTube Video URL.
      For example, if the URL for a YouTube video was,
      you would enter Ad2MlhPnp5M in the YouTube ID textbox.
    3. Website: Select https:// or http:// from the dropdown box, and enter the address of the website.

When you Add an Entry, it will appear in the Entry List (which is displayed beneath the textboxes). In that list, the URL or YouTube ID is shown as a link that you may click to display the Playlist, Video, or Website on your default browser.

Edit Entry: The right side of the Entry List contains an [Edit] button for each Entry, which will cause that Entry's data to be displayed in the textboxes (above the Entry List). After you modify the parameters, click [Update] to save the changes.

Remove Entry: To remove an Entry from your Collection, click the [Remove] button (in the rightmost column of the Entry List).

Create Collection: After you enter a Collection Name and add at least one Entry, click [Create Collection]. This will cause the Collection to be added to the dropdown box displayed by clicking Your Collections on the menu bar.

Edit Collection

After you add a new Collection, it will appear in the Edit Collection dropdown list on the menu bar. Selecting a Collection from that dropdown list will cause it to be displayed on a popup screen.

The Edit Collection popup screen is identical to the Create New Collection screen, with the following exceptions:
  • The Entries for the selected Collection are shown when the screen is displayed.
  • The [Update Collection] button will save any changes that you make.
  • The [Remove Collection] button will cause the Collection to be removed.